Uses only recycled and recyclable materials. Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Uses only recycled and recyclable materials.

Uses only recycled and recyclable materials.

Among consumer brands, adidas is perhaps the most committed to upcycling ocean plastics, much of which would have originated from plastic bottles, bags and other forms of packaging. Since 2015, the company has partnered with sustainable design studio Parley for the Oceans to upcycle marine plastics into high-performance materials that make its swimwear, trainers, Stella McCartney range and even a Manchester United kit.

For consumer-facing brands, packaging is one of the most visible waste products. As such, adidas uses only recycled and recyclable materials. With the declaration: “The production of one pair of Parley shoes prevents approximately 11 plastic bottles from entering our oceans,” the adidas Parely campaign is specifically framed around packaging waste.

The Parley range includes almost 100 products, but by 2024 the brand has pledged to use recycled marine plastics in every product it sells. Not only will adidas’s global reach bring with it enormous benefits of scale, but its market standing has the potential to convince other brands that neither style, performance nor sales need be compromised by switching to recycled materials.


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