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Kellogg UK set to introduce on-pack ‘traffic light’ labelling

Kellogg UK set to introduce on-pack ‘traffic light’ labelling

Kellogg UK set to introduce on-pack ‘traffic light’ labelling

Kellogg UK has adopted the traffic light labelling system on the majority of its cereal packs, following consumer demand.

The colour-coded front of pack nutrition labelling will be printed on packs from January on brands such as Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Frosties Special K, Coco Pops, and Crunchy Nut.

Colour coded or traffic light labelling, featuring red, amber or green – was officially adopted by the UK government in 2013.  Since then food companies and retailers have been voluntarily asked to use the label.

The cereal giant had faced some criticism from consumers and consumer groups such as Which? for lagging behind in adopting the system.

The system is recognised as more helpful for consumers who want to be better informed on nutrition and healthy eating.

In a company statement Kellogg UK conceded it had heeded the calls from consumers.

“We are changing because the people who buy our food told us we should. Following our announcement late last year to overhaul our cereals in the UK, we decided to look again at labelling.”

The move is part of Kellogg UK’s decision to redesign its cereal boxes, which will also be rolling out next year.

Oli Morton, Kellogg UK managing director, said: “We decided to review our front of pack labelling as for more than a decade we have had black and white icons on the front of our packs. So we surveyed 2,000 people in Britain to ask them about their attitudes towards labelling and what we should do.

“Put simply they said we should change and move to a full colour solution as they want help making healthy decisions, we’ve listened and now we’re acting.  After all, just like people, brands evolve their thinking too.”

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