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International Paper launches new lightweight board

International Paper launches new lightweight board

International Paper launches new lightweight board

International Paper has launched the new Alaska Plus lightweight board.

Alaska Plus is designed for pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty care packaging, as well as for chocolate and various dry food applications.

Three basis weights are currently available to all customers throughout Europe.

The full range of products, comprising 7 basis weights starting from 200g/m², will be available in the comings weeks.

The packaging and paper manufacturer says this light-weight GC2 product has been produced in response to customers’ growing demand for economically attractive and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.

The production of Alaska Plus was enabled following the modernisation project completed in International Paper’s Kwidzyn mill in Poland earlier this year.

Michael Krüger, commercial director coated paperboard and recycled specialties at International Paper, said the new product represents a ‘step-change’ in lightweighting, with basis weights significantly lower across the range compared to other standard GC2 products.

“Using the latest technology in board making, we have been able to lower the basis weights of this product, whilst keeping all other technical parameters stable. The performance of Alaska Plus in printing, converting and packing is as excellent and effortless as our customers would expect from a product with ‘Alaska’ in the brand name.”

Packaging converters and brand owners will be able to switch to Alaska Plus without any performance related adjustments.

International Paper’s flexible sheeting service called Kwidzyn X-Press will also include Alaska Plus.

The standard Alaska GC2 board will continue to be available with unchanged technical specifications for a certain period of time in order to facilitate the transition to Alaska Plus.

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