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Green packaging must be approached with due care

Green packaging must be approached with due care

Convenience is still king. If the consumer needs to work harder with their recycling, it’s an issue. Already there is a lack of coherency across local authorities. Much bioplastic packaging is not biodegradable and does not reduce waste.

“This is very difficult for consumers to understand. I have seen many products marketed as environmentally friendly without any scientific justification. This creates a new challenge. How can we clarify for consumers what is a truly sustainable choice?” says Suvi Haimi, co-founder of Sulapac, a Finnish company that produces innovative wood-based packaging. “We hope the authorities, especially the EU, will clarify for consumers what these choices are.”

The law of unintended consequences also looms large, if left solely to consumer-driven demand. Less packaging can mean more food waste and more carbon emissions in some cases. If packaging has no value, other than for compost, there’s a risk that consumers might care less about recycling. Bio-based packaging also takes up land to grow.

“With so much pressure to make changes, and as businesses join the race to ‘green’ their packaging, there is the risk of ill-informed decisions being taken. The industry must be encouraged to work together,” Clarity Environmental’s Mr Honcoop concludes.

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