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Five brands boosting creative packaging design

Five brands boosting creative packaging design

Hit skincare brand The Ordinary set one of the biggest beauty trends in motionwhen it launched in late-2017, offering low-cost, high-performance, no-frills skincare. The Ordinary revolution brought the generic drug model to cosmeceuticals. Every item is sold as close as possible to cost price, many for as little as £5.

It is of course a misnomer that “unbranded” goods are truly unbranded. Every detail of The Ordinary’s packaging design, from its dark laboratory pipettes and vials to its chic pharmaceutical labelling, has been carefully designed to strike the right note of reassuring simplicity.

What does set its visual identity apart is that every item has exactly the same packaging design and product names are given according to active ingredient and percentage strength, rather than intended effect. For instance, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (30ml) is called just that, rather than blemish and congestion reducing serum.

Letting the ingredients speak for themselves dispenses with another layer of marketing spin and indeed the kind of obfuscation that besets the beauty industry. Consumers, male and female alike, are charged with educating themselves, with the help of in-store staff, about ingredients and which combinations would benefit their skin.


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