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Essentra launches active label technology

Essentra launches active label technology

Essentra launches active label technology

Essentra Packaging has launched AquaSense label technology designed to help maintain and control the moisture content within packs, ensuring goods do not dry out and are kept fresh .

Active Label Technology and has been developed and jointly patented in conjunction with Essentra Porous Technologies, and features an absorbent AquaSense pad which is activated by the consumer on opening the pack or tub.

The pad is placed under a tap and soaks up a specific amount of water which it then releases it within the pack, keeping contents fresh, controlling humidity and reducing product waste due to goods drying out.

It can be supplied in a variety of formats and sizes, and soaks up only as much moisture as it needs, doing away with the need for the consumer to measure the dose.

Martin Dallas, managing director, Essentra Speciality Technologies, said: “Combining our material and packaging knowledge across Essentra has led to the design of this exciting product and we see this as just the start of how we can create new and innovative products for customers using our collective capabilities to design new products our customers need.”

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