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Bidfood launches ‘Choose to Reuse’ recycling campaign

Bidfood launches ‘Choose to Reuse’ recycling campaign

Bidfood launches ‘Choose to Reuse’ recycling campaign

UK food wholesaler Bidfood has recently launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness in schools on packaging recycling.

The ‘Choose to Reuse’ initiative is teaching students how best to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic and packaging.

It saw teams from nine of Bidfood’s depots with waste partner Mitie run interactive awareness sessions with almost 1,000 pupils on the impact packaging, including plastic, is having on the planet and the role each of us plays in making a difference.

As part of this, pupils took part in a competition to design a sculpture made from used plastic donated by each of the Bidfood depots, to act as a reminder of the importance of reusing and recycling, now and in the future.

Heather Angus, HR and Sustainability Director at Bidfood said: “The campaign has enabled us to continue providing service excellence by supporting and educating our customers and local communities on this widespread issue and has identified how we can all play a part in making a positive change.”

Earlier this year, Bidfood launched a plastic-free range of 150 products; along with this, Bidfood’s depots are taking steps to eliminate single use plastics on site wherever possible.

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