Arla Foods first to choose SIG’s SIG-NATURE PACK Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Arla Foods first to choose SIG’s SIG-NATURE PACK

Arla Foods first to choose SIG’s SIG-NATURE PACK

Arla Foods first to choose SIG’s SIG-NATURE PACK

Arla Foods Germany is the first company to opt for the innovative SIGNATURE PACK from SIG.

It’s described as the world’s first aseptic carton pack that is 100% linked to plant-based renewable material. Arla now offers its 1 litre 1.5% and 3.8% organic milk (Arla® BIO Weidemilch) in SIG’s new pack.

By choosing SIG’s innovation, Arla is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability as it strives to increase the market share of its organic dairy products. Arla’s organic milk cartons now carry a clear message to consumers: buying this pack promotes the use of renewable raw materials to protect fossil resources while making a positive impact in reducing the CO2 level compared with a standard carton pack.

Elise Bijkerk, marketing director, Arla Foods Germany said: “The SIGNATURE PACK from SIG is a great match for our Arla® BIO Weidemilch. Consumers that choose for our pure Arla® BIO Weidemilch also have an increasingly strong interest in sustainable packaging. With the value-added pack from SIG, we can demonstrate our commitment to transparency and our holistic approach to sustainability across the value chain. We are happy to be the first company to use SIGNATURE PACK and to be able to offer consumers in Germany this solution.”

SIGNATURE PACK cartons are made from 77% paper board from wood and 23% plant-based polymers through mass balancing. This means that for the polymers used in the pack an equivalent amount of bio-based feedstock went into the manufacturing of the polymers. To ensure the integrity of this process, the mass balancing is certified through internationally recognised third-parties.

The packs are aluminium-free, while maintaining product quality. Their carbon footprint is 72% lower than a standard SIG carton pack of the same format, based on a life cycle assessment (CB-100732 of 02.03.2018) carried out by independent experts using the ISO 14040 international standard.

These credentials are displayed on Arla’s organic milk packs, together with the FSC label

The polymers that make up the rest of the SIGNATURE PACK cartons, including the barrier and the spout, are linked to 100% plant-based material using recognised and audited certification schemes (ISCC PLUS and TÜV SÜD CMS71) to ensure strict traceability and accountability.

The SIGNATURE PACK is one of the latest innovations supporting SIG’s Way Beyond Good ambitions to offer customers the most sustainable food packaging solutions and contribute more to society and the environment than it takes out.

Martin Herrenbrueck, president and general manager Europe, SIG, commented: “With Arla we have found a partner who shares our vision of creating a more sustainable future by doing more for the environment and reducing the consumption of fossil resources. By choosing the SIGNATURE PACK, Arla is getting the benefits of a global innovation that better cares for the environment and caters for consumer needs.”

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